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Hymec Aerospace (UK) Ltd experience as an integrator

The Hymec Aerospace Group provides service as a Tier 1 supplier, serving as your one-stop-shop in all of your aerospace needs for machined components, fabrications and assemblies. Hymec teams with product and service suppliers across the country and around the world to provide the parts needed to get your project into the air or space.

Advantage of Hymec Aerospace as an integrator

Hymec’s vast experience, knowledge and reputation for excellence in commercial, defence and aerospace production / manufacturing has allowed it to become an effective leader in integration. Located near many of its sub-contractors, Hymec Aerospace (UK) can manufacture or can acquire components, assemble, test, and prepare full assemblies with less effort and lead-time than in-house personnel at your plant.

Hymec Aerospace maintains on-site storage facilities for parts and assemblies, and can manage the entire process to ensure that clients receive product as expected and when needed. The Hymec Aerospace Group program managers and procurement staff work together to ensure the entire process is seamless to you.


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